Myra Jackson

The Physics of Now – Restoring our Sacred Bonds with Nature

A Session by Myra Jackson (Earth Elder, Global Being Foundation)

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About this Session

Myra shares her radically optimistic view, what's behind her optimism at this moment in time and our innate human capacity to enter into a high state of play that brings forth the inter-generational social cohesion necessary to align with the Earth Mother.

About The Speakers

Myra Jackson

Myra Jackson

Earth Elder, Global Being Foundation

Myra has held a diverse array of hefty careers in engineering, organizational development and academia. Educated as an engineer, Myra found that her early training in electrical theory, physics and music informed her inner and outer life. Today, that training provides useful metaphorical language in discussing the physics of now that points to our intrinsic bond with Nature. In listening to the Earth, she strives to realize the title’s aspirational premise. Her primary focus is on the Planetary Commons and public policy affecting the wellness of people and planet through ecocentric law.