Mama Scrap's

Sustaining Matrilineal Legacy

A Session by Mama Scrap's (Rev. Regina, Ree and Aysha, Multi-Generational Rematriation)

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About this Session

Rev. Regina, Aysha, and Ree tell the story of Mama Scrap's and share their motivation for a land rematriation project in Mississippi. They also speak about the experience of doing this as family - mom and two sisters - and share their model for healing.

About The Speakers

Mama Scrap's

Mama Scrap's

Rev. Regina, Ree and Aysha, Multi-Generational Rematriation

The Mother & Daughters trio of Mama Scrap's Incorporated are guided by spirit and lineage to return to rituals and ancestral knowledge by reclaiming a relationship with land in the south that was severed through servitude, creating a haven for retreat that promotes healing. Having known trauma, grief and the pains of life of being black, woman, disabled and queer, the founders of Mama Scrap's are committed to seeding a healed future in which the shared healing of the family can extend to others and all life in their midst. Driven by dreams and sustained by communion, Mama Scrap's believes in cultivating new models for living and thriving outside of the oppressive conditioning we've become accustomed to.