Rosemary Gladstar

Stewards of Healing Plants – Creating Sanctuary

A Session by Rosemary Gladstar (Author, Teacher, Herbalist, Science and Art of Herbalism)

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About this Session

Land stewardship, habitat protection and sustainable cultivation practices are of primary importance to the conservation of medicinal plants and the rich herbal heritages we share worldwide. But sometimes these tasks can seem daunting and overwhelming. Where does one start? The best place is in our backyards, our neighborhoods, and communities by creating botanical sanctuaries for plants, people and pollinators. Join Rosemary in a lively discussion of this important and timely topic and discover the many ways you can make a difference in helping to preserve our precious plant resources, which in turn helps to preserve our precious selves. We’ll discuss land as sanctuary, steps to creating botanical sanctuaries in our backyards, making a medicine trail, and resources for cultivation methods of at-risk native plants. It can begin simply ~ planting the future one sanctuary at a time until we’ve created a massive green quilt spreading across the continent. We’ll also discuss the important work of United Plant Savers and its mission to preserve at-risk medicinal plants.

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About The Speakers

Rosemary Gladstar

Rosemary Gladstar

Author, Teacher, Herbalist, Science and Art of Herbalism

Rosemary Gladstar has been practicing, living, learning, teaching and writing about herbs for over 45 years. Considered a star figure in the modern herbal movement and often referred to as the ‘godmother of American herbalism,’ Rosemary is the author of twelve books including Medicinal Herbs: a Beginners Guide, Herbal Healing for Women, Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health, and Herbal Healing for Men.