Deseree Fontenot

Queer Ecologies & Climate Justice

A Session by Deseree Fontenot (Educator, Farmer, Movement Generation: Justice & Ecology Project)

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About this Session

Deseree defines Queer Ecology and sheds light on its importance. She shares how queering her understanding of ecology impacted her connection with nature, and also explains how Climate Justice and Queer Ecologies intersect.

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About The Speakers

Deseree Fontenot

Deseree Fontenot

Educator, Farmer, Movement Generation: Justice & Ecology Project

Deseree Fontenot (she/her, they/them) is a Co-Director of Movement Generation: Justice and Ecology Project (MG) where she engages hundreds of organizations and change agents in ecological education through intensive justice and ecology retreats, hands-on earth skills workshops and land justice movement building. She is also the co-founder of the Queer EcoJustice Project. As a queer black organizer, farmer, and grassroots ecologist, Deseree’s work is focused on liberating land, climate justice and queering ecological education.