Rocío Alarcón

Co-Evolution of Nature and Humans in the Healing Process

A Session by Rocío Alarcón (Curandera, Ethnobotanist (PhD), Iamoe Center)

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About this Session

Rocío shares the meaning of physical and spiritual co-evolution between beings and how we can engage in curandero science to heal. She speaks about the natural forces humans need to engage to be in contact with nature and how to awaken and preserve this ancestral knowledge.

About The Speakers

Rocío Alarcón

Rocío Alarcón

Curandera, Ethnobotanist (PhD), Iamoe Center

Rocío Alarcón practices and teaches the art and science of curandero (shamanic) healing ceremonies. This knowledge she received from her mother and grandmother, who were born in the Andes of Ecuador - the place where she was born too, at the foot of the Pichincha volcano. Her interests are the practices with master plants and the techniques of healing ceremonies in Ecuador, and research about ethnobotany and biodiversity. She offers workshops for different organizations around the world.