Giuliana Furci

Bringing Justice to Fungi

A Session by Giuliana Furci (Mycologist, Fungi Foundation)

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About this Session

Giuliana shares about the magic, medicine and interconnectedness of fungi as well as the conservation efforts to help protect fungi. She speaks about the efforts being made around fungi education and the importance of the 3F initiative.

About The Speakers

Giuliana Furci

Giuliana Furci

Mycologist, Fungi Foundation

Giuliana Furci is foundress and CEO of the Fungi Foundation. She is a Harvard University Associate, Dame of the Order of the Star of Italy, Co-Chair of the IUCN Fungal Conservation Committee, and author of several titles including a series of field guides to Chilean fungi and co-author of titles such as the 1st State of the World’s Fungi. Giuliana has held consulting positions in U.S. philanthropic foundations as well as full-time positions in international and Chilean marine conservation non-profits. She sits on the Board of Fundación Acción Fauna, and on the Advisory Board of Myco-Medica Life Sciences and of the Society for the Protection of Underground Networks (SPUN).