Rocío Alarcón

Curandera, Ethnobotanist (PhD), Iamoe Center Rocío Alarcón practices and teaches the art and science of curandero (shamanic) healing ceremonies. This knowledge she received from her mother and grandmother, who were born in the Andes of Ecuador - the place where she was born too, at the foot of the Pichincha volcano. Her interests are the practices with master plants and the techniques of healing ceremonies in Ecuador, and research about ethnobotany and biodiversity. She offers workshops for different organizations around the world.

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Rocío Alarcón is a healer for our times. She has worked tirelessly for decades to preserve indigenous cultures and land both in the Amazon and in the Andean community where she grew up, under the tutelage of master healers. She has lovingly brought many modern seekers, as well as skeptics, into the fold of the healing traditions of her ancestors, teaching especially about our relationship with the “divine forces” in the natural world. Rocío’s grandmothers held intimate connections with the forces of nature, particularly the plants and the hummingbirds, whom they could call upon for the healing of their communities. Recently, Rocío has been bringing forth this particular ancestral heritage.  

Rocío brings to her inherited knowledge a scientific understanding of the co-evolution of plants and animals and ecosystems, as well as understandings of healing based on modern neuroscience. 

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Co-Evolution of Nature and Humans in the Healing Process

Rocío Alarcón